Find a new job for me

How do you know what a job is like until you’ve done it. It’s hard to make a career choice if you don’t know what skills you need or what you would be doing. The Career Coach has a set of tools that shows you the roles and responsibilities of thousands of jobs so you can discover what your day to day life would be like, and work out how near or far you are from being that person.

In the example you can see we’ve filtered by the Advertising industry and you can scroll through the list of roles. You can search within that industry if you know the name of the job your interested. Or you can search across all of our database to see if we have the role for you.

For all of our jobs, we have a set of job descriptions that tell you what the typical roles and responsibilities for that job are

Here you can see we’ve selected the Marketing Analyst. If you’re interested in that job, you can see what that person would typically do. And decide whether that appeals to you or not. Try it out here

Now notice the buttons: “I want to do this job” and “Add to my Experiences“. The Career Coach is about building your career, documenting where you are, and helping you build a plan to get to where you want to be. So if you’re already a Marketing Analyst, you can add this job to your list of experiences to build up your resume.

Or, if you like the idea of being a Marketing Analyst, you can say “I want to do this job” and then you can build a plan to evaluate what skills and experience you need to be ready to get that role.

Try it now: