DISC is a behavior assessment tool based on the a theory by psychologist William Moulton Marston, (who also created Wonder Woman and the Lie Detector). This theory was then developed by industrial psychologist Walter Vernon Clarke.
The DiSC approach defines four different personality traits:

  • Dominance (D),
  • Influence (I),
  • Steadiness (S), and
  • Conscientiousness (C)

Marston based the four types on two underlying dimensions that influenced people’s emotional behavior. The first dimension is whether a person views their environment as favorable or unfavorable. The second dimension is whether a person perceives themselves as having control or lack of control over their environment.

The Career Coach team have a built a tool based on DiSC to act as a guide for anyone trying to decide what career direction would suit them. You can try it here at https://app.thecareercoach.me/DiSC.

It’s very quick and simple, designed to give suggestions if you need guidance. If you’re interested in more about DiSC then here are some places to look.


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