Building a network

Having the right skills for a role is important. Having a network of people to support you and help you develop is equally important. At The Career Coach we let you build that network to help you map out who is there to help you.

Different people provide different kinds of support for you; acting as a Mentor, Supporter, a Sponsor or just someone to give you a perspective.


  • provide advice, guidance, and feedback; share their experience and expertise
  • identify resources that will help mentees with personal development and growth
  • encourage mentees to join networking organizations or introduce them to new contacts

A Supporter is someone who will promote you within the organisation you’re trying to work within. To identify supporters try and think:

  • Who needs to know about your aspirations and development priorities?
  • Who do you need support from to achieve/review progress against development activities?

A Sponsor is different to a Supporter. You want to find someone who will represent you in discussions on your career and development. This person is more proactive than people who are generally helping you in your progress

Finally you should also find individuals who will give you feedback in general. Feedback that helps you assess your progress against development areas and career goals.

These people will help you build a SWOT analysis to help you develop against your goals

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